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Pensio Tenants

Keeping you at home!

Lease Guarantees that pay the rent for you. Making life easier when you need help!

 Get peace-of-mind with lease guarantees designed to keep you current on your rent if you lose your job. 

We have your back when you need it most!

It's that simple!


How Lease Guarantees Work



Review the program and use the calculator below to see the Value of being a SkyRent Tenant



Register online in minutes. Make sure you have your landlords name and a copy of your lease ready.

Get Rent


Lose your job and we'll pay your rent to your landlord.*

*Subject to the terms and condition of your Lease Co-Guarantee Agreement and Summary. You are not guaranteed for the first 60 days after registration.

We pay your rent so you can stay in your home and focus on getting back on your feet. Keeping you in your home is Pensio's core mission!

SkyRent Lease Guarantee Pricing 

Because you are a SkyRent tenant, your fees are covered by SkyRent.

Pensio Tenants will pay up to 4 months rent to your Landlord if you lose your job or become disabled and unable to work.

Four Month Option

(*based on $1,000 monthly rent)


monthly fee

up to


in Guaranteed Rent

SkyRent pays your fees for being a SkyRent Tenant

* Check your registration form for the correct fee and the amount of lease guarantee protection


Become a SkyRent Pensio Tenant Today!

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Notice: Pensio Tenants Canada Corp, is a federal Canada registered company. This Lease Guarantee is a lease co-guarantee and not an insurance policy. The lease co-guarantee is offered in those provinces where permitted by law and subject to the terms and conditions of the Lease Co-Guarantee Agreement, Lease Co-Guarantee Summary, and enrollment terms. You are strongly advised to speak to a professional or advisor before entering into an agreement with Pensio Tenants Canada Corp.